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A job matching platform for scientists

The Brief

Much of this was caused by biased, inefficient hiring practices. Scientists faced frustrating months-long searches, and even after getting hired, struggled with their skills being underutilised. Companies were wasting tens of thousands of dollars and work hours looking for their perfect candidate.

Scismic began when 3 Harvard graduates identified the massive disconnect between academia and industry, and the difficulties scientists faced in getting jobs and advancing their careers.

The founders partnered up with 4 Thirteen to launch their brand, and their job-seeking platform designed by scientists for scientists.


The Challenge

Minimizing hiring bias is a complex problem. HR teams and hiring managers were still used to pen-and-paper processes. For scientists, filling up a detailed professional profile took time they didn’t have - and in some cases, they weren’t aware of what skills were most hotly sought after in the market.

To gain access to the widest possible candidate pool, Scismic would have to serve an international audience from day 1, with an audience of zero and no initial funding.

The Solution

Instead of an open list that hiring teams could browse, we created an intelligent matching algorithm that automatically matched scientists to vacancies based on their skills and abilities, without their gender or race playing a role in the process.

We also made this system directly available to both hiring managers and their HR teams to fully manage their vacancies and candidates from a single convenient backend.

Enhanced UX

We designed the Scismic UX to be as simple as possible, presenting a minimal learning curve for new users. We also made content readily available for print for recruiters who needed to run through physical printouts of lists and resumes.

Resume Parsing

For scientists, we cut down on the time spent building their complete profile by building in resume parsing. Interested scientists could simply upload their resume to automatically fill out a large portion of their Scismic profile.

Global Goals

Scismic was also deployed internationally in multiple regions to minimize latency for users across the world, from Dubai to Denver.


The Results

Scismic has raised the bar for fast, bias-free hiring for both scientists and corporations. The platform was 2x more effective in bringing in underrepresented hires, a boon for companies seeking to diversify their workforce and an even greater chance for truly talented scientists to shine. Hiring times were reduced from 3 months to just 1 month. Clients reported savings of $20,000 or more per job in time and costs.

Scismic has since completed 1 round of successful fundraising and received multiple grants, proving that the ground-breaking approach to scientific hiring can move mountains.


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