Pocong Insecure

Pocong Insecure

The Brief

As Yoodo was launching their unlimited data plan for the very first time, we wanted to translate a product that could be deemed "technical" to some, into a story that would appeal to the Malay target audience between 18-35, which is our core demographic.
Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

Social Media

Social Media



The challenge

As Malaysia's first fully digital mobile service, Yoodo was launching with zero physical customer touch points. Every part of the customer journey, from registration to ordering a new SIM to customer service, would be done through their app. Our task was therefore to help them shift consumer habits and disrupt longstanding norms in the telco industry.

The Solution

Leveraging on our partnership with Kyopropaganda, who’s known for his slapstick comedy videos on YouTube, we came up with an idea that revolved around the Pocong (a Malaysian Ghost). Understanding Yoodo as a brand that's close to the heart of the local Malay community, Kyo wanted to inject a 'Nusantara' vibe into the video, with a good combination of horror and slapstick comedy known to appeal to the Malay community.

The Results

The video was launched in conjunction with the Halloween season and has successfully gained 61k views with the average view rate of 75.6% which is extremely high for branded content.

We’ve received positive comments such as “Pecah”, “Kelakar”, “Lawak!”, which were what we strived to achieve - being a brand that constantly aims to deliver video ads and content that are entertaining and relevant to our target audience.


Average View Rate


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