Hate Your Mobile Plan?

Yoodo "Hate Your Mobile Plan?" Case Study

The Brief

Yoodo offers fully digital mobile service, and lets you customise your Data, Voice and SMS in 1 simple app. We were called upon for our full suite of branding services to create and position the brand from the ground up, from naming to launch and strategies for managing and engaging digital-savvy consumers.
Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

Social Media

Social Media

Tech & Web

Tech & Web



The challenge

As Malaysia's first fully digital mobile service, Yoodo was launching with zero physical customer touch points. Every part of the customer journey, from registration to ordering a new SIM to customer service, would be done through their app. Our task was therefore to help them shift consumer habits and disrupt longstanding norms in the telco industry.

The Solution

We positioned Yoodo as Malaysia's first truly customisable mobile plan. With this positioning informing our brand identity, we then implemented a 360-degree launch campaign to announce its arrival and educate the Malaysian market.

Campaign Hero Video

Our integrated marketing campaign kicked off with a launch video that announced to Malaysians the true power of choice was finally in our hands. We communicated the big idea that you can do it better when you do it yourself, and that customising your own mobile plan was the solution to constant rants about your current telco, long waits at service centres, high bills for unwanted features, and plans that just weren’t...you. It also served to publicly introduce and cement Yoodo’s trademark voice and their bold, cheeky, authentic personality.

Customised Surprise Kit

Before the launch we engaged with influencers relevant to our target audience with a special surprise. We collaborated with sponsors to curate and create a personalised Yoodo kit that helped us increase talkability and leverage these influencers’ word-of-mouth promotion, allowing us to build closeness with our audience.
Yoodo Community Day

Social Media Content

Content was broken up into multiple pillars and phases, beginning with a focus on the brand’s USPs and how-to videos to familiarise users with all the services and functions available in the Yoodo app.
Yoodo Social Media Content

Building a Community

Yoodo is a community-based, user-centric brand, guided by the tagline ‘you do it better’. We aimed to create an active user community who would eventually become our staunchest brand ambassadors and evangelists.
Yoodo Community Day

The Results

High brand recall during the campaign period has contributed to:


VTR on YouTube against telco industry benchmark of 30%


total engagement on Facebook (within 2 months)


app downloads (within 2 months)


total impressions gained online