Love Means...

Love Means...

The Brief

Panasonic’s premium “iT” Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with a Swivel Nozzle that changes shape with the twist of a wrist, allowing users to clean even the tightest gaps and corners without nozzle changes.

We were tasked to drive awareness of the newly-launched product and increase engagement surrounding its benefits.
Social Media

Social Media



The challenge

While the “iT” had a unique design and high functionality, it also came with a premium price point. To add to the challenge, it was not the only contender in the premium cordless vacuum category, having to fight other more established brands/models from the get-go. We set out to prove that marketing vacuums didn’t always have to ‘suck’.

The Solution

The first thing we wanted to do was identify the vacuum’s differentiator, and then target a suitable audience for the product: new parents and pet owners. We wanted them to connect with three classic concerns:

Love - you vacuum to protect your loved ones from dust.
Time - you are a busy person. You want a product that helps you to save time.
Death - you fear that if your environment is not clean, it will endanger your loved ones’ health as well as yours.
Panasonic Love Means - Venn Diagram

Hero Video

As the “iT” sat at the intersection of all three of these concerns, we crafted our big idea: “Love Means…”.


To increase brand engagement, we kickstarted a contest encouraging our audience to share a video of their loved ones (furry and not) with a caption telling us why they deserved to win an “iT” vacuum. By linking the emotional element of love with our contest, Panasonic’s fans were more eager to engage, highlight their loved ones, and share their stories across social media platforms.
Panasonic Love Meanspanasonic-contest1Contestpanasonic-contest2

Media Buy Strategy

We targeted specific audiences, highlighting their key concerns: safety, health and peace of mind for new parents, and freedom for pet owners.
For new parents, love means...
Giving a germ-free and dust-free
environment to their newborns.
For pet owners, love means...
Giving their pet the freedom to play
all over the house


We leveraged KOLs who were new parents, cat owners and/or dog owners. These key influencers filmed Instagram videos showcasing how the “iT” Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner helped them express love to their loved ones.

The Results

Through an engaging campaign and strong messaging that resonated emotionally with our target audience, we were able to encourage them to share their many stories of love with us, with over 1 million total engagements. As for our contest hashtag, #PanasonicLoveMeans became a gallery of love that now resides on Instagram.


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